Posted by: Sonia B. Designs | December 17, 2009

Let us create the jewels of your dreams!

We’ve all had those moments of shopping frustration, haven’t we? When we find the perfect bag… but in the wrong color; the most wonderful shoe, but in the wrong size; or the most gorgeous jewel, but only in, say, yellow gold (when all you wear is white metals). Sigh. It’s enough to ruin the most ardent shoppers’ excitement.

Trust me: as a lover of fashion, I completely relate! So, thought I’d share a little tip (something that many don’t realize about Sonia B. Designs): we offer the ability to create exactly the jewel of your dreams! Sometimes that means taking a piece and creating it in your favorite gemstone; sometimes it means customizing something in the metal of your choice… but it can even mean you commissioning a truly special, unique, one-of-a-kind creation. We’ll take your ideas, create a sketch, send it for your review, and alter according to your feedback… making sure it is exactly, p-r-e-c-i-s-e-l-y everything that you desire. Here is an example of a gorgeous custom-created ring crafted for a client, illustrated through the stages of my sketches (and the design variations offered to the customer), up until the stunning final ring! (You can see more examples of our custom work on Sonia B. Designs’ Facebook page here.)

The final ring

... and from the side

PS: you needn’t order an enormously expensive piece to have it customized to your specifications… if you find anything at Sonia B. Designs that you love but might love a bit more in a different metal or gem, just let me know!



  1. It`s gorgeous!!

  2. I would love to have one of your diamond floral flex bracelets. I do not know if you still make them or not, You offered them on Shop NBC

  3. Dear Sonia –

    How I miss you – ShopNBC must be crazy to have lost you! I love each & every ring, earrings, necklace & bracelets that I wear of yours – I first began with the Chanukah gold & diamond earrings you said you gifted your sister with – 10 years ago? I bought them & saved them for my first daughter-in-law…for my lovely daughter-in-law. I wore a diamond ring & earring set of yours for 2 more of my sons’ weddings in September 2008. They made me feel like a queen. This aqua ring will be for me for Pesach (since I don’t have a “valentine” to gift me with your special pieces!) Your service helpers (like Theresa) are always kind & do a great job on your behalf).

    I look forward to your newsletters and continuing our relationship.

    Very fondly yours –
    Barbara Keating

  4. Ah dear Sonia…I am so glad you are back at snbc…and even more delighted that you are sizing your rings up to a 12! It was my wish to not have to take some of your pieces to a jeweler, (even one I sort of trusted) to mess with your jewelry and now, still saving for “our wedding band” I have hope that I will be able to get it soon and in an 11…can’t wait!

    Have wonderful holidays and love to your family and wonderful staff


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