Posted by: Sonia B. Designs | March 6, 2010

We have our (evil) eyes on you

What to do about that pestering ex-lover, catty best friend or string of bad luck that sometimes follows you? Why, cleanse yourself from those evil omens… stylishly, of course! The Evil Eye, a 3,000-year-old ancient talisman, defies evil forces, according to Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures.  (It also, happily, looks pretty fabulous on a bracelet or pendant!)

Our 18k gold Evil Eye pendant with diamonds; $756

The Evil Eye, or Lucky Eye, originates in Turkey, where tradition holds that the bead amulet absorbs all negative energy and breaks when it is full. Like many cultures, the Turks believe that negative energy and envy directed toward someone can cause them harm; hence, the reason to sport the Evil Eye symbol. Case in point: musician Britney Spears was spotted wearing evil eye bracelets after her nervous breakdown that was plastered all over the media. Now: check out her rocking body, her cute boyfriend and her rise back to booming career success–should we all take a hint?

If you need a little good luck—or good style—check out our Evil Eye bracelets and pendants…  enticing to the eyes, but scary to all things evil.

Our 18k diamond and ruby Evil Eye bracelet, $434

Our brooding 18k yellow gold sapphire and diamond bracelet, $728

Our 18k gold, sapphire and diamond evil eye charm/pendant, $602



  1. dear sonia–
    I love yourdesigns and greatly miss you on shop
    nbc. I’m very sad that they took away all the upscale designers. a couple of times Ihad things
    repaired with the girl in your office—a foreign lady, a real sweetheart, she always gave great customer service—-anyway I do miss you on shop nbc only because of their value payments.
    I’ve been married for 27 years, and my husband could finally buy me a diamond band because of
    those value pays, so thank you. if you ever have something like that in one of your websites, please
    let me know. but , I’m sure only a big network could afford that. anyway, i am so lucky to have found you, I was paying my shop nbc card, and I came across sonia B, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. now at least I can see your gorgeous designs. My friend suzanne serpico, who got me started with you(I couldn;t believe when she said you gotta go and see this stuff on shop nbc, these
    jewels are high quality) she worked at saks fifth avenue in chicago on michigan ave, and she knew
    quality merchandise) then I got hooked on you.
    suzanne, an impeccable dresser since passed away at the young age of 62, and I so wish i could call her right now(like we used to check in with one another when you were on) and tell her that I found your website

    well thank you again, I know you are busy, but if you ever have anything remotely like value pays,
    or even a new website, please lt me know.

    thank you again
    antoinette alawad in Illinois

  2. I agree with Antoinette from Illinois. I’ve come back to your website several times in hopes that you will maybe some day have value pays. I love your designs but unfortunately I have to be able to make payments. I have a few pieces of yours that I love and was able to purchase them at ShopNBC, which I’m thankful for. I smile from ear-to-ear wearing your designs that I have because not only are they beautiful but different. You definitely have women in mind when you show the world your great creations, thanks Sonia.

  3. Hi Sonia,
    I love your designs too, Do you sell in the UK or via an affiliate program?

  4. Hi Sonia! I am one of your biggest fans. I was saving for a ring you had that I think your husband had made for you as an anniversary gift. It was a band with emerald cut stones off set all the way around, and I believe it was circuled by what they call a halo now. My husband wanted me to have that ring. I almost had the money for that glorious ring. Well, unfortunately my husband of 39 years passed away last November 1, 2014. Is there any way I could have that ring made in his memory? I can’t tell you what it would mean to me.

    Karen Hamelin

    I’m praying you and your staff can still make this ring. Thank you Sonia.


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